A Quick Guide to Master the Soft-skills During a Technical Interview

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There are many sample technical questions on the Internet on different programming language topics that you can visit, study, or memorize before your technical interview. But it is as important to be able to answer non-technical questions in the interview. Such questions focuses on the soft skills that you have, how do you perform under pressure, and how do you fit within the culture of the company you’re applying for.

Now, when it comes to the soft-skills, which is usually either a covered in the phone interview, or later during the on-site interview, there are many questions that could be…

If you are a software engineer, you’re most likely have interacted and used a version control system such as Git or SVN. I have used both, but for the past 5 years or so I have been mostly using Git for work and personal projects. I think it provides a simpler and easier way to version controlling and there are a lot of resources online for it if you ever got stuck doing something.

Have you seen the compose button in the Gmail or Twitter app on your iPhone and wondered how you can make a button that just floats in your view? Well, in this tutorial I will be showing you how you can create that button programmatically in few simple lines of code.

1- Create the UIButton programmatically in your view controller, give it a title, and a background color, like this:

let floatingButton = UIButton() 
floatingButton.setTitle("Add", for: .normal) floatingButton.backgroundColor = .black

You can also make your button circle by adding the following line below, but keep in mind that the corner…

Family share gives you the ability to share your subscriptions, purchases, iCloud storage, and many more things with your family members without having them to purchase their own. This is a great feature if you want to save up some money on subscriptions, or apps that you have already purchased but your family members want to use them as well.

Getting Started

To get started, you have to enable Family Share in your settings app. …

Before We Get Started

AdMob is an advertisement platform made by Google as an extension of AdSense to allow app developers to make earnings with easy to implement in-app ads.

In this post, I will go over how to add ads to your iOS app, type of ads you can implement, and some best practices that I’ve came across while adding ads to my apps.

But before we get started into the technicals, let’s tackle the elephant in the room. No one likes ads. Even developers don’t like to add ads in their apps like everyone else, and we would rather have free apps…

There are so many additions to the new Xcode 12, New Swift and Swift UI, many bug fixes and improvements, as well as a new look and feel. In addition to the new icon, see above, I will outline in this list my top 5 features that I really liked in the new Xcode 12.

New Documents Tab

Now you can easily open any file you want in a new tab by simply doubling clicking on it and it will open it in a new tab, and you can simply drag and arrange them. …

On September 15th, 2020, Apple introduce the new Apple Watch Series 6 as well as couple new iPads including the all newly-design iPad Air. In addition to that, they introduce their new bundle of software called Apple One, which is a subscription that will bundle iCloud, Apple Music, TV+, News+, Arcade, as well as the newly announced .

This bundle will be coming out this fall, and will give Apple users that ability to pay one subscription price for all these services they provide. The subscription comes in 3 tiers:

Apple One will give users a free month trial for…

If you are like me, and like many others, who have a job that allows you to work from home (WFH) you should consider yourself lucky! During this Corona Virus pandemic a lot of people have lost their jobs, mostly because of the nature of their job which requires them to be present at the job site. We, the lucky ones, were able to transition our work to our homes, and continue with our daily jobs and be able to keep working during these unprecedented times.

That being said, WFH can be challenging for many, especially when it comes to…

If you have an older iPad that is just sitting in your drawer collecting dust, you can probably still use it for a thing or two. I found my old iPad Mini (original iPad Mini) that stopped receiving iOS update as of iOS 9.3.5, and I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I looked at the trade-in value and it was about $20, which is totally not worth it. So I figured let me try to run it and see what I can do with it. …

According to an article by Recode, Amazon started offering free one day shipping for many, if not most, of the products they sell on their website. This move allowed Amazon Prime members to buy products as low as a $1 and have them delivered to their homes the next day for free.

Some might wonder how Amazon makes one-day delivery possible, and the reason for that is due to the number of warehouses Amazon has across the United States. …

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